Much to be thankful for in Paris

(So sorry this is late, time wise, but my French course is kicking my butt and taking up all of my time!)

It was our third Thanksgiving here and this year had a bit more poignancy – there was of course the awful terrorist attcks but we also found out that some of our dearest friends were moving on for wonderful new adventures. 

So we did what any crazy person would do and celebrated twice!

On actual Thanksgiving day we went to our favorite barbecue joint – The Beast. They made the traditional dinner of smoked turkey, dressing and all of the fixings! Delicious as always. But it was special also because they are located right around the corner from where the terrorist attacks took place and yet they managed to stay safe. So we had much to be thankful there with our friends.  

We started off with one their specialty bourbon cocktails – and that was just the start! 

We ate ourselves silly! Our compliments to the chef!


And yet there was another reminder to be thankful. The metro stop is Republique and the memorial for those lost on November 13 was incredibly moving


And then on Saturday we had our own feast at home with our eclectic group of friends!

We have so much to be thankful for and we enjoy sharing our American traditions with our friends. 

Now it’s almost Christmas – yikes!


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