Back at school after too many years

I have been MIA lately because life got crazy again. Kids went back to school in September, then it seems like wham, October arrived and I started school.

Yes, I am taking 20 hours of French at the Sorbonne – ACK! In some ways it’s a dream come true – to study at the Sorbonne – but dear God is it hard to go back to the classroom as a student!

The other people in the class are either babies (meaning they just graduated from high school or the equivalent in whatever country they hail from – 18/19 years old) or are full-fledged adults (LOL) in their 30s and 40s. It’s strange to be one of the oldest students and yet I still feel like one of the babies!

A lot has changed since the 90s when I was at university – these new fangled Smart Boards are pretty cool and the Translate app on my phone is a godsend! (How on earth did we ever make it through college before the internet?) But the smell of a university stairwell hasn’t changed nor has the difficulty of learning French. And conjugations are STILL evil! Most of the time the struggle to understand what the professor is saying and asking gives me a major headache – but I am getting there, I think. Ask me again after our 3rd conjugation test on Monday – sigh.

I didn’t realize how much of my time this class would take – but I am glad I am doing this. I have met some really interesting people – some from Syria, some from Iraq and one even from the Ukraine! It’s fun and every once in a while I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something scary or intimidating or challenging. And this is all 3 to me! And I think that I am showing my girls that you are never too old to learn or go back to school. They of course are loving the fact that I have homework and tests and all of those platitudes are coming right back at me!

Not sure how much my French will improve but I am trying – if nothing else, I will know how to conjugate “être” and “aller” – don’t think you can ever truly forget those!


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