My Shoe Addiction

At my old blog I wrote about this adventure I had involving shoes, champagne and a wonderfully old hotel particular (town mansion) during my first experience of Fashion Week here in Paris – it’s how I discovered my lovely friends at Chatelles (if you want to read the story, please go to And ever since then I have been a major fan. I just love these shoes – they are stylish and comfortable and unique!

Well that was two years ago – which is hard to believe – and since then they have opened up a cute boutique on the chichi rue de Bac and various fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Elle,  have written up articles about them. How cool is that? I am so excited about Chatelles success!

Well it’s fashion week again and started thinking about my first experience here during that crazy time. Now it’s another cocktail and shoe event for Chatelles and this time they have partnered with La Maison du Chocolat – now what could be better than champagne, chocolate and shoes?!

I really like the design and concept behind these “smoking slippers” – and to those who would scoff or think that I am just “advertising” for some sort of angle, nope – I own 20 pairs of Chatelles! Don’t judge – they are super cute and super comfortable and super stylish – and I am supporting a local, small French entrepreneur. So there! (and yes, I did just stick my tongue out at you who are sniffing at my shoe count!)

these are just a few of my favorites!

Go check out their website at – they ship worldwide! And if you ever come to Paris go visit their cute shop – it’s just down the street from Bon Marché (another must check out shopping experience).

And check out those new sparkly blue ones – they have my name all over ’em – size 36 please!


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