Our two year Parisian Anniversary

It’s hard to believe but two years ago today we arrived in Paris, exhausted with 5 massive suitcases, 3 kids and a small Yorkie in tow. And then a boatload of furniture and stuff from the US arrived, four weeks to the day that they packed us!

moving chaos
Our stuff readied for the ocean voyage!

What an amazing adventure we have had so far. We have made wonderful friends with whom we have had so much fun and they have truly made our life here richer – the chocolate icing on the eclair, so to speak. Or the cheese to the wine – I could go on but you get the idea. We are so blessed with them!

We moved twice, had a kitchen installed, navigated the healthcare system, visited countless museums and exhibits, got a driver’s license and have attempted to assimilate. It has not been easy – there have been times we wanted to quit or give up – but we persevered. And there might have been a few times where the phrase “effing French” was muttered, out of sheer frustration or aggravation.

kitchen in progress!

Thankfully the folks at Castorama were so helpful and patient with this crazy woman who wanted her kitchen within the promised timeframe. I know they really didn’t know what to make of me!
I am so proud of my family, especially the girls. They arrived speaking no French and now are chattering away with their French friends and reading their French novels as if it is no big deal! They are amazing. They even text in French, when they haven’t lost or broken their cell phones. Some things transcend nationalities – haha.

girls in metro
1st day of school – Sept 2013
girls July 2015  – laughing

I am also proud of my husband – he works hard and has a long commute. While I am out galavanting around Paris, seeing exhibits and having grand adventures he is slaving away in his office. And he is happy to do so because he sees how his four women have blossomed and grown here – plus the champagne helps take the sting away!


Castorama, champagne picnics, the Metro, museum and walking tours, chateus and costumes, bureaucratic red tape, fondue and raclette, homework, chaos – all words that come to mind when I think over the last two years. I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte June 2015

3 thoughts on “Our two year Parisian Anniversary

  1. What a great adventure. I’m so happy you share this with us. I love to read all the exciting things your doing, and being very jealous I’m not doing them too.


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